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CtrlMovie is an international company that connects the film & gaming industries around the globe.

We do not only offer our technologies and services to third-party manufacturers. We are vertically active ourselves. We take care of the entire production and development cycle: from technology development to content creation, production and distribution. For this we work with a tech team in Germany and a film team in Los Angeles.

Why we do it - Our goal is to establish a film format that fits in with the lively sharing and social culture of the new generation: film as an event experience.

If you believe in your talent, your knowledge and your enthusiasm and you can imagine that we are a good match, then apply now.

Backend Web Developer (Node.JS)


  • Develop and maintain client-side web apps and server-side microservices
  • Take part in the entire development lifecycle: design, implementation, quality assurance and bug fixing
  • Familiarity with platform specific technologies


  • Several years of software development experience
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Creativity and willingness to suggest new ideas
  • A relevant degree (Comp Sci, Mathematics, Physics)
  • Ability to work with new technologies
  • Experience with the integration of third party tools and services


  • Experience with Node JS, JavaScript, Typescript
  • Experience with Nginx, MySQL, Redis, AWS
  • Experience with WebSockets, REST
  • Experience with Docker/Kubernetes

Ludwigsburg, Germany

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